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My Cottage Friends

My cottage is a sanctuary,

For creatures big and small.

I like to stop and talk to them -

Yup!  I’m crazy after all.

The red squirrel chases chipmunk,

Across my wooden deck,

Three peanuts shoved into his mouth,

He escapes without a peck.

The butter and the dragonflies,

Drop by my patch of bee balm.

Their colorful wings are splendid things -

It’s my garden phenomenon!

The beaver smacks his tail,

The otter barks for me to play,

When I go out in my canoe,

And visit them in their bay.

The hummingbirds chatter to the faeries,

Throughout the forest deep,

While common loons cry out at dusk,

Lulling us all to sleep.

The birds sing songs of gratefulness,

For the seed I’ve spread,

And the frogs chirp out a lullaby,

As I go to bed.

But one thing I am curious,

And wonder what they do.

When I’m away I miss them all,

But do they miss me too?

Poem & Photos by: Todosey

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Day Two - A Winter Storm Rolled In

But that didn’t keep us from hiking out and enjoying some hot chilli over an open fire.  Eventually the storm passed over and the sun even broke through before nightfall.

dem beans look good;)


Thomas Augusto
        “Detroit! Ready for tonight’s show?”


Thomas Augusto

        “Detroit! Ready for tonight’s show?”

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Anthony Ladao
         ”Love being on tour!”


Anthony Ladao

         ”Love being on tour!”

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Jay Leno: What’s your worst gig ever?

Taylor: When I was thirteen I would play anywhere. I would play these acoustic shows and I would go to these bars. And I remember one time, I was playing at a bar at a rock festival, and I was standing up there on stage, and like, my guitar is bigger than I am, and I’m standing on stage and I’m like, ‘This is a song that I wrote about a boy in my class.’ And you know, there’s guys standing there with their beers and they’re like ‘TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF!’ So…

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4/20? You mean 1/5 reduce your fractions did you even learn math

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